If you haven't already used it on a website Click Here (popup) to see SmallChange in action.

The script is US$5.00 including comments to help you with configuration, little flag images for just about any currency and an example layout web page that can easily be modified to include your own name and style.

Why Bother?
There are dozens of free currency converters available on the www, so why bother? Well, I used to have a currency converter popup provided by a bank on my websites but I got fed up with it because:

  • It often took a long time to load.

  • When the bank's website was busy or offline  my pages wouldn't load at all. We all know that site visitors just won't wait for slow loading pages, they click off to another website so you lose a potential sale.

  • The bank covered all kinds of obscure currencies that none of my visitors ever used, making the script bigger, slower and more confusing. I mean, how many of your customers use Mongolian Tögrögs or Mauritanian Ouguiyas?

So I decided to write my own script featuring only the currencies that my customers use, update the exchange rates myself about once a week, and run it as a little popup on my own server. If you used SmallChange on a website before coming here, or if you clicked the link above you will have seen how it looks. Neat, eh?

It doesn't have to be a popup, you can run it as a normal page and link it on your menu or by buttons on your pages. You can run it as an 'overlib' activated by a button or hover link so it will always load, even when the visitor is running a popup blocker.

You can have as many or as few currencies as you like. All you have to do is add more table cells and add the exchange rates to a list in the script.

You can run it with little flags or country names or currency names or any combination of them.

Buy it now for US$5.00 (Use SmallChange to see what that is in your own currency)

The download is a zip file containing:

  • smallchange.js script with comments to guide you through any modifications.

  • read_first.txt file of step-by-step instructions

  • A folder of 198 flag images. Each image is 35 x 18 pixels, 12 colors in GIF format

  • flags_list.txt file containing lists of all the flag images in both alphabetical and numerical order

  • smallchange.htm specimen web page that you can quickly and easily modify for your own site.

Click the button to go to the PayPal payment page.

When you have entered up your details click the "continue" button
at the bottom of the last PayPal page to start the download.

Notes on using the script
You need to know how to construct a table on a web page using HTML, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Web Fusion or some other web design program, and you need to be happy about using the included instructions to change the conversion rates in the script.

Configuration and Installation Service
This is a pretty straightforward and inexpensive script, so there is no free support available. If your script goes wrong you should reload the original and start over. If that doesn't work out and you still want SmallChange on your website, I will do the modifications for you and help you install it to your web space for a nominal fee of US$25.00 to cover my time. If you want to run it as an overlib but don't know how to configure it I will do the conversion for you, same price.

Click here to signup for the service:

I will contact you by email when your payment clears and we can make all the necessary arrangements..

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