Runemaker Group Products and Services

Oswald The Runemaker
Personal bindrune artwork from your initials. Practical bindrune artwork for health, luck, protection, etc.  Books and eBooks about runes. Runic transcription services. Retrospective pages on handcrafted rune products of the past.

Runes Information
Free and inexpensive download articles and eBooks covering all matters concerning, runes, runology, runecasting and divination. Comprehensive links page. Runic search engine.

Rune Fonts
Twenty new rune fonts designed by Bob Oswald for use on Runemaker websites. Plus a score of free rune fonts from around the world gathered together in one dedicated website.

Rune tattoo design resources for private individuals and tattoo artists.

Bob Oswald
Author website. Details of books, past present and future.
E-books, free downloads, fonts and lots of stuff.
Small unfinished wooden boxes for trinkets, games and 100s of other uses.

Rune eBooks. Buy eBooks about runes. Help in creating and publishing eBooks. Sell your eBook about runes on this site

Read-eBooks 100s of free and inexpensive ebooks to read on PCs, laptops, handhelds. You can also sell your own ebooks here.

Write-eBooks Free advice for new e-authors. Help with preparing and publishing an ebook. How and where to sell your new ebook.

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