Crafty Computer Paper products are brilliant!

I used to make all kinds of craft goods featuring Celtic, Anglo-Saxon or Viking art and sell them through my little group of websites. My speciality was rune sets for divination by runecasting and I supplied the sets in a range of wooden boxes featuring decorative artwork on the box lid.

I used to paint each box lid by hand until I discovered Crafty Computer Paper's dry rub-off decals. Once I changed to using Crafty's products work that used to take 3 days to complete was accomplished in just a couple of hours, and to be honest the results were more professional in appearance than my painstaking handiwork ever was.

This excellent product made it possible for me to offer custom individual artwork to buyers and thus rocket my sales to an unprecedented level. There's no way in the world I could have managed the volume of sales I eventually achieved without Craft Computer Paper.

Here are just a few examples of products sold for prices ranging from 40 to 150:

Celtic Entwined Birds

Viking Valknut in a Knotwork Sunburst

Interwoven Pentagram with knotwork

Welsh Knotwork Dragon

"Vagrant" Cross

Irish Triple Morrigan

Norse "World Serpent"

Thank you Charlotte at Crafty Computer Paper for introducing me to your fantastic products!

Bob Oswald (The Runemaker)
Milton Keynes UK

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