Tariff of rates for consultancy services

Although my consultancy service is available to all, it will be of most benefit to commercial companies, public sector and academic organisations. I do welcome enquiries from private individuals and you will see that discounts are available. However, consultancy could still be an expensive option compared to some of the standard services for artwork and transcription offered on Runemaker group websites such as runemaker.com and rune-tattoos.com.

If you think these rates look expensive, you would be right. Because expert advice is never cheap, and you are looking at the cost of hiring one of the world's top 10 acknowledged experts on the subjects listed below. Compare my rates to those charged by consultants in other fields that require years of training, practice and experience. You will  find that the great majority of them charge higher fees than mine. Even a rookie IT consultant expects to earn a hundred bucks an hour, and don't even think about how much a plumber or a doctor might charge for 20 minutes of advice, let alone actually doing anything for you! 

Consultancy is available for the following subject areas:-

  • Runes - esoteric aspects - divination and magical applications

  • Runes - technical aspects - archæology, history, historical linguistics

  • Runes - transcription to and from the Latin alphabet (as used for modern English)

  • Runes - transcription and translation from Anglo-Saxon (Old English) to modern English

  • Runic design - artwork, graphic images, tattoos, fonts

  • Runic relics and artefacts - research, identification and valuation

  • Anglo-Saxon archæology, history and culture

Please note I am not expert in any ancient or modern languages other than Anglo-Saxon (Old English) and modern English.

Consultancy Rates

Fee Basis GBP £ USD $ EUR

Per Hour
(min. 1 hour)

50.00 75.00 65.00

Per Day
(7 hours)

300.00 460.00 400.00

Per Week
(35 hours)

1400.00 2150.00 1800.00
 Per Calendar Month
 (actual calendar dates)
6000.00 9100.00 7750.00
(48 weeks - see notes in
"On-Site Consultancy")
65,000.00 99,000.00 85,000.00

15% discount for private individuals. 10% discount for sole traders and small companies (1 to 9 employees).
Please email me details of your proposed consultancy project for a cost estimate.

Communication and Reporting
Communication by email or postal correspondence at no additional cost. Written reports can be supplied in a number of formats including Word documents, RTF and ASCII text, Acrobat PDF files, HTML files, a number of small screen eBook formats including EPUB, or hard copy with electronic file back-up. Telephone reporting within UK at no additional cost. Telephone calls to locations outside UK will be charged at cost.

On-Site Consultancy and Expenses
Daily or weekly consultancy is available at your own location by arrangement. Broadband or cable internet access, color printing facilities and report stationery for a laptop computer must be made available. Payment for travel, accommodation, meals and (if needed) local vehicle rental at cost will be added to your bill. The duration of the consultancy contracted must include the travelling time between my home in Milton Keynes, UK and your location using the most direct and/or fastest services available. Please be aware that the following standards for accommodation, travel and meals will be applied and charged at cost:

  • Accommodation at local 3 or 4 star hotel/motel rates.

  • Meals from the chosen hotel or at mid-range family-type restaurant prices.

  • Rail travel fares for 1st class or next best available seating.

  • Air travel fares for Business Class or next best available seating.
    Please note that Economy class seating is not acceptable for long-haul
    journeys in excess of 4 hours duration (including unavoidable stopovers
    and onward flight transfers).

  • Vehicle rental for a compact or economy class vehicle with aircon/heating
    from a reputable rental service supplier such as Alamo (preferred), Avis,
    Europcar, Enterprise, Hertz, etc., to include collision damage waiver
    insurance and fuel usage at cost.
    Where self-drive vehicle rental is not available for any reason surface
    transportation by fully insured pre-booked chauffeur-driven service is
    required. Private cars, company cars or taxicabs hailed in the street are
    not acceptable alternatives because many such vehicles may be operated
    without full passenger insurance.
    Any unavoidable parking fees at or near my accommodation or your
    location for a self-drive rental vehicle.

Notes about Annual Consultancy
The fee includes 35 hours per week for 48 weeks PLUS an amount to cover the cost of accommodation, meals and vehicle rental during the weeks of vacation time. This will negate the need to add public transport fares for travel between your location and my home during these breaks from work. The vacation time of 4 weeks may be split into shorter periods throughout the year by mutual agreement.

Written reports and spoken presentations will be rendered in English. Translation services for other modern languages can be provided at cost. Please bear in mind that translation services are expensive. You may therefore prefer to do this in-house if you have staff with that capability.

Payment Schedule
Payment in advance is required for hourly consultancy. Daily or weekly consultancy will require an advance payment of 50% of the estimated total cost. Monthly and annual consultancy will require staged monthly payments against invoice on a mutually convenient monthly date. The actual balance will be due before delivery of the final report and/or presentation.

For an estimate of total cost please email me with details of your proposed consultancy project.

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